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Vision Statement and Long Range Planning





During the early 1990s, a Strategic (Long Range) Planning Committee developed a recommendation for a Strategic Plan for the Parish and School. In the mid-1990s, a group of Parish Leaders proposed a Parish Vision Statement as part of a 5 year plan to grow Holy Angels in Spirituality, Size, and Service.

With the endorsement from the Archdiocese to build a new school and parish center, much of our parish's focus turned to that monumental and successful undertaking. However, the 5 year time line for our vision statement expired with the end of the year 2000, and our parish faces new needs and opportunities in the new millennium.

During the Spring of 2001, Holy Angels Parish Family participated in a survey and in a total parish meeting:
1. to define the values of our parish and
2. to give the Long Range Planning Committee the foundation for a new Long Range Plan
The following Vision Statement was created from the input of the total parish to begin the Long Range Planning process.

Long Range/Strategic Planning is intended to be an ongoing process.

Vision Statement

Holy Angels will offer Catholic worship experience, emphasizing the Holy Eucharist, the Word through scripture and uplifting homily, and a vibrant music ministry.

Holy Angels will reflect the cultural experiences and values of its predominantly African American congregation, while being open and welcoming to all visitors and members.

Holy Angels will provide and maintain buildings, facilities, and grounds, which are aesthetically pleasing, liturgically appropriate, and otherwise welcoming to members and guests.

Holy Angels will minister effectively to all ages and stages of its congregation, with an emphasis on ministering to our youth and involving our youth in our ministries.

Holy Angels will live the Afrocentric ideals of village and extended family, offering fellowship, nurturing, and support to its members and neighbors.

Holy Angels will be a beacon of Christ's presence in our neighborhood and in the larger community, responding to the needs of our brothers and sisters, welcoming visitors, evangelizing His message, and reaching out to all in concrete programs of Christian fellowship and service.

Holy Angels will provide spiritual growth opportunities outside of Sunday worship, including fellowships based upon faith sharing and Bible study.

Holy Angels will continue to support and partner with its school, seeking to reinforce and to expand our commitment to learning in a Christian, Afrocentric environment for youths from our own parish and from the surrounding community.

Holy Angels will be a good steward of God's material gifts, encouraging a tithing congregation, seeking creative ways to grow our financial foundations, and using our resources for the good of parishioner and neighbor alike.

Holy Angels will live its values and vision, to grow its parish family and to ensure its continued role in Building the Kingdom in the near northwest side of Indianapolis.

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