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Christmas 2010

     The celebration of the birth of the Christ child is a major part of the church year at Holy Angels as it is throughout the larger Catholic Church. Some of the major parts of our multi-day liturgies are Midnight Mass and Christmas Day mass(es), the Feast of the Holy Family (the Sunday following Christmas), and the Feast of the Epiphany (observed on the second Sunday after Christmas). This year our welcome for the Christ child was especially royal. In addition to Christmas music, incense, and the Christmas readings, the church was decked out with a sea of poinsettias, our nativity scene diorama, garlands of evergreen inside and outside the church, and even a guest celebrant on the Feast of the Holy Family.
In the Church, Christmas is not "over" on Christmas Day, but is a season of observances, which depending upon the year and calendar, may last up to two weeks. In fact, our "Christmas Season" (even though the nativity scene and other symbols may be packed away) concludes officially on the 3rd Sunday following Christmas when we celebrate the baptism of Jesus. We hope you were with us throughout this joyful time. Please enjoy the images below which are a sample of Christmastime at Holy Angels.
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Midnight Mass
Feast of the Holy Family
Feast of the Epiphany

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