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"Holy Angels Inaugural Big Event - Blues Festival"
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        For several years, Holy Angels has been looking to have a major fundraising event. Countless meetings, discussions, and planning sessions led to making an initial effort, a transition from our many past festivals, food events, rummage sales, etc. to something really new - hopefully leading to a major source of income not primarily from the pockets of parishioners. The inaugural event was determined to be a Blues Festival with a variety of entertainments aimed to attract an audience beyond our immediate neighborhood. The format included both outdoor and indoor events. The parish grounds would be converted into a festival marketplace with food and merchandise vendors, local entertainment, and public information booths. Indoors, games of chance along with premium evening entertainment were planned to carry out the Blues Festival theme. Despite unseasonable heat alternating with threatening weather, people did come to the party. The event was made possible by cash and in kind donations from individuals and corporate sponsors. The final dollar amount will be published to the parish, but preliminary indications are that this has been the most successful fundraising event in recent history at our parish. Among the many parishioners and community members who made the event happen, Dr. Mike Slaughter, Ted Gary, Amanda Strong, and Sally Stovall (representing Finance) provided leadership to the effort. Planning has already begun for a 2011 event.

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